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Jan 23, 2013 4:00am PST
attributes and also add sensor technology." a lot of this is dedicated to heavy-industry. the plexi-glass safety wall used in this display is often common in the workplace to prevent injury. but now, more robots are being developed for the workplace, with people standing right next to them. "it hits me and this message pops up on the screen." "it means that you can have the robot working side-by-side with someone and there won't be a need for any safety walls around the robot." since 2008, universal robot, a danish company, has installed 1500 robots in nearly 50 countries including china. but the chinese are not likely to outsource repetitive electronics work at factories such as foxconn - at least, not yet. "in my eyes, it's not quite there yet." another development, visual capabilities: the r&d that went into smartphone technology is now being applied to robots. "vision technology is continuing to increase. they can see color and identify damaged packages." advancing technology in the workplace has also magnified the job shortage in america, according to researchers at mit. they s
Jan 16, 2013 4:00am PST
the technology behind the chevy volt. cadillac hopes it can draw luxury drivers to go green. "it is a luxury vehicle, so it will be exclusive from that standpoint. we're not talking about mass volume because the consumers that we are interested in and consumers that we think will be interested in the volt want something that is unique. they want something that is distinctive, something that has a great presence. they also want to associate with companies that are socially responsible." the elr prices in at $39,000. meanwhile, toyota also unveiled a new release this week - a redesign of its top-selling corolla. the furia is toyota's first redesign of the corolla since 2008. no word yet on when the car will be released. hollywood has its sights set on china. reports say filmmakers are making an effort to produce films with greater potential for success in the eastern nation. storylines, locations and actors are all taken into consideration, along with censorship standards. disney's upcoming "iron man 3" and ang lee's "life of pi" are both films that have been under the watchful eye of c
Jan 18, 2013 4:00am PST
number one technology stock for 2013. what did they do? another good quarter. i think that's four or five straight quarters that ebay has rallied afterward. they have paypal, they are in the smartphone market, they are trying to do with facebook can't do, which is monetize the amount of platform of mobile. > > that is an old-school stock that has rebounded as compared to some of the others: hewlett- packard and the ibm selling the computer. so, i'm not smart enough to pick out an individual tech stock since i am an older investor. so i am just going to look at the qs and look at the nasdaq. the nasdaq as 5% more to go just to make- > > what is that, a razr? > > i have an iphone, thank you sir. > round three: a whale tale. jamie dimon is now losing money in his salary because of the whale trade. what do you guys think about that? > > i don't think it really matters if he loses money in his salary if the stock continues to go higher. we actually saw a pullback in banks for the first time this year. the market looks so strong, we saw a pullback yesterday in the banks. bank of america un
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3